Australia Next Hub for Casinos

Many countries in Asia, such as Japan and Korea, have long been targeting Chinese tourism for their online real money casino projects. Australia has also joined this party, and the country is expected to encounter a boom in casinos over the next three to five years. The construction of casinos is expected to offset the slowdown in mining operations throughout the world.

Crown CasinoTwo major areas are opening casinos – Queensland and New South Wales. It is anticipated that four new casinos will be built in these areas, attracting millions of tourists from throughout the world. The majority of tourism is expected to come from China.

Building these casinos, which will include four or five star resorts, shopping centers, and plenty of other luxury items, will take at least two years. It is expected to generate thousands of jobs for the duration of the construction process, along with hundreds of long term jobs related to those casinos.

Not only will these jobs bring a boost to the economy, but there will be a billion dollars or more in revenue brought from these casinos. With multi-millionaire financier’s part of the construction process, there is no doubt these casinos will be finished on time and in a quality manner.

Australian top online casinos man James Packer and Hong Kong businessman Tony Fung are two of the biggest names involved with these projects. Their plans are very impressive and they would completely change the setting in those areas. However, there are certain planning committees and environmental licenses that need to be completed before construction can start. There are huge arguments from locals and environmentalists about the impact of building these resorts, most of which will be right next to water fronts.

Casino Specifics –

Aquis will be one of the biggest casinos to be constructed, near Cairns, and it will be a mighty impressive structure. There are going to be 8 hotels, a massive exhibition center, beautiful entertainment facilities, a champion gold course and the largest aquarium in the world.

This will cost 8.5 billion Australian dollars, which is a whopping amount, but the casino is seen as a long term investment. The structure would employ about 20,000 people and bring in 1.4 billion AUD to the economy on a yearly basis.

The second casino will be constructed on the Gold Coast and is set to cost 7.5 billion AUD.

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